BBBSCO will stay connected and support our matches and their families. Our Match Support Specialists will continue to serve as a hub for local families, facilitating positive one-to-one relationships and providing resources for those affected by loss and uncertainties related to COVID-19.

Why Mentoring?

A mentor assures young people that someone cares, will be there through challenges, and help them see the strength in themselves. Mentoring has been shown to improve the futures of mentees through better grades, achievement of higher levels of education, and improved relationships. Essentially, young people with a mentor grow personally and have better social and economic opportunity than those who do not. Yet many kids in Central Oregon never have this opportunity.

For those who are mentoring, the experience not only offers the opportunity to have fun in our community and see the world through a youth's perspective, but builds leadership and management skills. It is an empowering way to touch the future.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon serves the Bend, Redmond, Madras, Prineville, and La Pine areas. We are a part of the nation’s largest mentoring network solely supported by donors and volunteers. Be someone who matters to someone who matters.  Please join us to make a difference in a child’s life.


Join Us for Happy Hour

Dear Friends,

We all need hope! Consider the effect of COVID-19 on your lives.  Then, consider the minds and hearts of growing children who already face insecurities about themselves and their surroundings. Mentoring changes lives!  

One of our Littles explains it this way:
"Big Brothers Big Sisters has helped me to reach my goals. They have supported my family with basic necessities and with knowledge—knowledge about how to help me go to college and how to leave some of our old beliefs behind. My Big Sister is like a second mom. She has helped me through all the processes of applying to college, applying for scholarships, writing essays and letters, and overcoming all the obstacles that people like me face."

Partner with us as we Defend the Potential of Central Oregon's youth. 

I can't wait to see you at our Happy Hour Fundraiser! RSVP here


COVID - 19 Updates

The impact of COVID-19 is felt by us all, but the vulnerable have been the hardest hit. Throughout the crisis, we have helped the families we serve beyond our historical mission and role. We have continued to match children and youth with mentors, and support those relationships. The need for Bigs, caring adults to ignite the potential of their Littles, is greater than ever.

Seeing the families of our littles facing job loss and financial strain, homeschooling without internet, and food insecurity when their boxes or aid ran out, we stepped up. Working with donors, local companies, and other agencies, we provided laptops for homeschool, food boxes, connected families with rental assistance, and much more. We are grateful to the community for helping us serve the families of our Littles.

Some notes about our current operations:

  • BBBSCO continues to accept applications for Bigs & Littles.
  • We are open and continuing to serve families while maintaining all public health guidelines. 
  • Matched Bigs & Littles are able to have in-person outings if all parties agree; matches should be following social distancing recommendations and mask requirements. 
  • If Bigs are video-communicating with their Littles via Facetime, Zoom, Skype etc., please ensure to do this through the parent/guardian’s device, but if that is not possible, please communicate with the parent/guardian when you will be video-communicating with your Little. 
  • To help support BBBSCO during this difficult time, please consider making a donation or become a monthly donor by clicking on the “Donate” tab. 
  • For updated community resources throughout Central Oregon, please click on the Google Documents below. - En Español tambien!

During this pandemic, we are doing what we can to stay connected and support our matches and their families. We are still available, although some things have been put on hold. To keep you connected with your Little, check out our activities for Bigs and Littles to do together, as well as the Big Discount List.

In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we at Big Brothers Big Sisters want to ensure the health and wellness of our Bigs and Littles. To that end, we ask that you evaluate yourself in the following ways:

1. Are you or anyone in your home having any symptoms of illness? (Each person in the match [Big, Little, Parent/Guardian] must assess their health before direct or indirect contact is made.)

  • Are you feeling achy?
  • Fever or chills?
  • Cough?
  • Rash?
  • Lost sense of taste or smell?
  • Hoarse voice?
  • Digestive issues?

2. Have you been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or other serious communicable illness?
3. Have you or a family member been quarantined due to illness or exposure?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, please adhere to these guidelines:
1. Do not plan to participate in match outings or activities.
2. Please notify all participants in your match (Big, Parent/Guardian, Little, Match Support Specialist) of your need to cancel activities during illness or quarantine.


We're Hiring!

We are currently looking for an Enrollment and Match Specialist. Learn more about this opportunity here. 

Nominate a Big With A Badge

BBBSCO is thrilled to announce our Bigs with Badges Program.  Our goal is to match 10 children this summer with a mentor who is a badge wearing employee to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community.  If you are, or know a person who is in any type of law enforcement, a paramedic or is a  fire fighter, please nominate this potential Big by calling 541-312-6047!



Ashton Eaton's PSA

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the promise and power of youth. 

Our Sponsors and Partners Make it all Possible