Know a firefighter or policeman,
(or anyone else who wears a badge for work)
who would be an awesome Big? Let us know!

Nominate a Mentor

BBBSCO is thrilled to announce our Bigs with Badges Program.  Our goal is to match 10 children this summer with a mentor who is a badge wearing employee to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community.  If you are, or know a person who is in any type of law enforcement, a paramedic or is a  fire fighter, please nominate this potential Big by calling 541-312-6047 or submitting the form below today!

Do you know someone who would be a positive influence on the life a child? A man who wants to show a kid how to fish or cook? A woman who likes hiking or movies and popcorn? Whatever their interests, there is a kid who likes those things, too, and mostly who needs a mentor who cares.

Think about people you know who wear a badge and serve the community. Would one of them make an awesome Big? We are asking you to let us know about them by nominating them to become a mentor.